The Summer of Zelda- some thoughts

Anime Reporter bubbles with excitement at the prospect of Nintendo’s latest revelation. This summer is to be the Summer of Zelda!

So far, there isn’t a whole lot to go on. Early rumours from ZeldaInformer and IGN state that the info comes from the Nintendo mobile eshop and it doesn’t go in to much more detail than to proclaim this summer to be a great one for playing Zelda games. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda game series and, knowing Nintendo, there are plenty of expectations of celebratory releases and promotions. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Pokémon and the company already made a nice event of their anniversary date in February.

So far this year has brought us Hyrule Warriors Legends and yet another promise that this will be the year of Zelda Wii U. The enormously anticipated title has been delayed so much now that it’s coming out in the same year as the enigmatic new console, the Nintendo NX, with many speculating that the game will be available on both consoles. As of yet, I haven’t picked up a Wii U, but I’m exactly the type of person who would if it meant playing a brand new awesome Zelda game. Still, I hope there’s more to the Summer of Zelda than an announcement about the new game we’ve all been desperately waiting to hear more about, and some DLC details for Hyrule Warriors Legends. I’m hoping, once again, that Nintendo might release a couple of its GBA Zelda titles to the 3DS. Link to the Past is now available for New 3DS, but Minish Cap and Four Swords Adventures remain elusive retro jewels. Maybe I’m being selfish, but loving the Zelda series as much as I do, I just can’t wait for anything new to add to the world and the narrative it creates, so I really hope this event doesn’t just turn out to be a sale.

That said, I’m still working my way through Adventure Mode on HWL so it’s not like I don’t have plenty of LoZ to enjoy in the meantime. (And if I wanted more, I could always check out the 3D fan-made tribute video game to the original, free to play online, called Legend of Zelda: 30 Year Tribute.)

If Nintendo are confident enough to devote the Summer to LoZ then I’m sure they’ve got something awesome planned for us. Now to begin waiting for several months to find out what it is!

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