Two pieces of Nintendo News- Humble Bundle and Zelda Wii U/ NX

Anime Reporter takes a mo to tell you of yet another fantastic Humble Bundle deal, this time teamed up with the fine peeps at Nintendo!

Humble Bundle, as you may recall, is a pretty amazing idea, offering huge discounts on downloads of comics and video games, while allowing you to donate to some pretty excellent causes in the process.

Right now, Humble Bundle is offering a pretty nifty deal on a heaping handful of Nintendo games, both for 3DS and Wii U. The fact is that you can download quite a few games for as little as a dollar, so even if you only have one of the two consoles, you’ll come away with a fantastic deal. Any contributions over 13 dollars will unlock access to Super Street Fighter IV for the 3DS and any contributions over the average will gain access to an ever growing list of games, many of which will be unveiled as the bundle’s deadline grows closer (Tuesday May 10th). Anyone who donates now will still receive the complete list of games so there’s no need to wait until the last minute to see what you can get your hands on.

What’s more, the average donation price will probably only rise as the deadline grows closer as more and more people will be going for the big stash of games, so donating early is a good way to get the best possible deal for yourself. That said, with the proceeds going to charity (or the creators, or Humble Bundle. You can customise how your money is divided up when you donate), maybe it’s worth shelling out a couple of extra dollars for a pile of games. For this bundle, the donations are going towards SOS Children’s Villages International and and you’re paying a sliver of the original retail price.

Games already revealed include Retro City Rampage: DX, Affordable Space Adventures, Shantae and the Pirate’s CurseFreedom Planet, Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure, Citizens of Earth, and an exclusive Retro City Rampage Nintendo 3DS theme, with plenty more still on the way.

Check out Humble Bundle for all their great deals and check out the Friends of Nintendo package before it runs out to help a couple of charities and get your hands on great content at the same time!

Zelda NX WiiU

Okay, now that that’s been said, there’s the (slightly bad) news.

Nintendo has announced that its new console, the NX, will release March 2017 and it has also announced that its upcoming Zelda title will release simultaneously on Wii U and NX. Seeing the problem? Yep, unfortunately, it looks like the upcoming Zelda game has received yet another delay, pushing it entirely out of the “Year of Zelda” altogether. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m actually pretty happy as I type this. I’m just glad to know what’s going on with the title and I’m honestly so relieved that Nintendo are really taking the time to make sure that this game is what it should be. I’m still excited about the new Zelda game. I’m actually incredibly excited! I’m not thrilled about having to wait even longer for it, but screw it, I’m still trying to make my way through the third Adventure Map on Hyrule Warriors Legends, with plenty of DLC still to come. I can wait, and I trust that Nintendo are going to deliver something worth that wait.


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One comment on “Two pieces of Nintendo News- Humble Bundle and Zelda Wii U/ NX
  1. Mr. Panda says:

    I’m fine with Zelda being on NX. I’m even fine with Zelda and NX being a 2017 release. What concerns me most is what’s going to happen this year. There doesn’t appear to be much on the slate for Wii U 2016 besides Paper Mario: Color Splash (and I’m not that excited for this Sticker Star sequel). But we’ll see. I’m not expecting much from E3 this year, but I’ll hold out a little hope for a surprise swan song for Wii U.

    As for the Humble Bundle, it’s an amazing group of games, and an amazing deal! I loved it the first time, and I’m glad they’re doing it again!

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