I’m sick today, so we’ll keep this brief.

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Hey y’all. How’s everybody’s Wednesday going? I can’t hear you so I’ll assume it’s a variety of things for a variety of people.

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last few days. The weather has been changing so quickly in Ireland that it’s pretty much impossible not to get sick. I’m taking this opportunity to keep things brief and update a few posts I’d made a while back.

Firstly, the Ghostbusters movie coming out this year. Oh dear. As I said in my initial post, I was pretty worried by the level of humour and what characterisation was shown in the trailer. It was only this week that I realised that they had later released an “International” trailer a little while later which… didn’t really relieve any of my concerns, just made them seem more well-founded.

Check the International trailer out here.

Leslie Jones’ character, Patty, is shown in yet another scene where her only contribution is to be loud and angry. Chris Hemsworth’s character, which I wasn’t expecting a whole lot for, is revealed to be pretty much a total bimbo. The trailer suggests that he was just hired for his looks and his contribution at the end of the film makes it clear that he’s incredibly dim compared to the other characters. I’m not saying that this is wrong because he’s a man. I’m saying it’s wrong because that whole character, the pretty airhead, has been outdated for a long time now and if this film exists only to update a classic, then it’d be nice if it updated it to 2016. Gender swapping the characters and then making the secretary less intelligent and making the team’s black member an angry, “street-smart” stereotype is not a forward step. It’s one step sideways and two steps back. I know two trailers is still far from a complete film, but if this is the best that Sony have to showcase, I’m quickly losing interest in this film, which is a shame, because I love what Wiig and McCarthy can do together, I think Kate McKinnon is hilarious and Kevin Feige has made some films that I consider to be truly hilarious.

Ghostbusters Anticipation Status Update: I kind of just want to forget that this movie is happening.

Now, for a Hyrule Warriors Legends Update:

Yep, I’m still playing my way through this game. I finished the story off pretty neatly, but discovered to my joy that Adventure Mode, the one that lets you unlock new characters and weapons, well that has more than just a couple of maps to it and there’s so much more to unlock than I’d ever realised. The combat style can get a little repetitive after weeks of pretty heavy bingeing, but I’ve unlocked all of the characters available at the moment, as well as every first level weapon, and now I’m making my way through the third Adventure Map, unlocking weapon upgrades along the way. The extra Adventure Maps are great, offering more difficult mission requirements and restrictions and mixing it all up quite a bit. They also give you the chance to unlock some pretty sweet alternate costumes for characters. I couldn’t possibly recommend this game highly enough for any Zelda fans. It’s a very different style of gameplay, but it’s a quick trip through some of the great Zelda moments out there.

I’m also pretty excited for the first of four DLCs to be released this year. The first one is out some time this month and offers up a Wind Waker style theme which I’m pretty excited about!

Hyrule Warriors Legends status update: This game is far more than I had initially anticipated. Must recommend!


Oh, and before I go, just a quick reminder to check out Humble Bundle! Their Friends of Nintendo package is still going and offers you the chance you pick up a load of great Nintendo games for a tiny donation.

Thanks for reading,

expect some solid reviews coming your way once I’m back on my feet,


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