The first 5 pokémon of Pokémon Sun and Moon have been revealed!

Pokémon Sun and Moon have revealed five of the new poké-critters coming our way and because I have feelings about this, I’m going to share them on the internet.

We’ll get to the three starter pokémon in just a minute because first I want to talk about the two legendary beasties we’re presented with, the mascots of the games themselves. The sun mascot effectively looks like a super-shiny saber-tooth lion and I immediately want four of them. It looks fierce, it looks powerful and… it looks a little bit like a digimon, but 700+ weird critters in, that’s going to happen from time to time.


The lunar-mascot is equally badass. Well, I mean, it’d have to be. It’s effectively the bat-signal. It’s a great big purple, looming bat inside a ring and it looks so menacing that I daresay even Bruce Wayne would forgive the use of his motif. With both of these mascots racking up the suspense for these games, let’s take a gander at our three new starter pokémon.

I should say, in my heart, I’m a Squirtle fan through and through. I’m always going to approach a new Pokémon game wanting to love the newest water type. Keep that in mind as we move forward.


The first of the three new starters is a Grass and Flying mix, Rowlet, a spherical owl which has already prompted some unfortunate discussion over whether it’s wearing a leafy bowtie or a strapless bikini. It’s hard to speculate much on this pokémon just yet, but being the only starter with a dual-type in its first form could give it something of an advantage early on in the game.

Next we have Litten, a black and red Fire type which looks somewhat otherworldly with its large yellow eyes and ornate forehead markings. I have a feeling that this critter could turn into a dual Fire and Dark type as it evolves, but it already looks badass.

Last but not… oh, really? Okay, just last I guess, we have Popplio, who is a little bit disappointing, I have to say. I don’t exactly know why, but I find something very underwhelming about the pointy clown nose, droopy ears and the ruff around its neck. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but it really feels like this one was rushed out. I really like sea lions, but I just can’t quite bring myself to get enthusiastic about this clownish specimen. I know, I know, maybe I’m being a bit harsh and there are further evolutions for it to make a better impression (let’s not forget Froakie’s awesome final evolution of Greninja), but the fact that I really want to like Popplio and just can’t, leaves me less than optimistic.

So, it looks like when November gets here and I’m booting up my 3DS for yet another Pokémon adventure, this time around what seems to be a Hawaii-themed region, I’ll probably be going with my creepy fire-kitty, thank you very much!

How do you feel about these new pokémon? Which starter has caught your eye?

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2 comments on “The first 5 pokémon of Pokémon Sun and Moon have been revealed!
  1. Do you know the names of the sun and/or moon pokemon?

    • So far there are rumours that the names Solgaleo and Lunaala were leaked before these images were released and many people believe these will be the official names for these pokémon, but I don’t think it’s been officially confirmed yet.

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