Review(s): RWBY Volume 03 and Golden Time Collection 02

Anime Reporter gives 2 reviews for the price of 1 now, taking a look at RWBY Volume 03 and Golden Time Collection 02, both of which are available now in the UK and Ireland on DVD and Bluray.


RWBY, for those who don’t remember, is a highly computerised anime series from the folks at Rooster Teeth set around a group of Huntresses, dedicated to training to protect the world from shadowy cgi monsters. Volume 03 is made up of episodes 29-40 and utilises very much the same animation style as previous instalments.

As with Volume 01, RWBY Vol. 03’s animation is something I’m not entirely sold on. While the animation looks great when it comes to battling beasties from a variety of angles, it does quite hold up its own standards when it comes to showing characters talking, walking casually, or, you know, expressing an emotion.


The stakes are raised a wee bit higher in thsi collection as the Vytal Festival kicks off, inviting combatants from distant lands to compete in a tournament, where sinister elements plot deviously. That’s hardly surprising, though, given that they’re sinister elements and that is what sinister elements often tend to do.

All in all, RWBY Volume 03 offers excellent action and a decent plot, which is sometimes a tad difficult to focus on as the inconsistent animation proves just a little distracting from time to time.


Golden Time Collection 02 (episodes 13-24) makes up the second half of this series. The series focuses on Banri Tada, a law school student who suffered an unfortunate accident that erased his memory some time after high school and now sees him gradually remembering details from his past, surrounded by friends and loved ones from his former life. While Banri is developing new feelings and memories, he is literally haunted by the ghost of his former life, who is determined for Nari not to turn his back on the feelings he once had, or make Banri suffer the consequences.GoldenTime3

The series offers up its fair share of drama and comedic moments and overall provides a solid example of an original series, (avoiding many of the tropes of other harem series. If you’re looking for a bit of supernatural mystery thrown into your young adult romantic misunderstandings, then this might just be the series for you.



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