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Death Note: Whose Side Are You On?

Death Note is an amazing piece of manga/anime with high stakes and ever-escalating tension. Both sides have everything to lose and both play for keeps. Who were you rooting for across the series? Who did you really, really want to

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Best Fairy Tail Member!

We can all agree that Fairy Tail has a lot of awesome wizards within its walls. We want you to tell us which one(s) you like the most! We’ve only included members of the guild itself and you can have

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Your Favourite Anime. We Want to Know!

Here at Anime Reporter, we really love our anime series, but we really want to know about all of you! What series is your favourite? Why do you like it so much? Now, because it’s so hard to choose an

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Poll time! Who’s your favourite of the Strawhat pirates?

We want to hear from you! Which of One Piece’s loveable pirates is your favourite? Juuuuust in case you can’t quite choose your absolute, we’re going to let you have a few faves but be brutal! And please, give us

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