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I’m sick today, so we’ll keep this brief.

Hey y’all. How’s everybody’s Wednesday going? I can’t hear you so I’ll assume it’s a variety of things for a variety of people. I’ve been a bit under the weather the last few days. The weather has been changing so

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What’s The Worst Anime You’ve Had The Misfortune of Seeing?

I’d really like to know. What is it that drives you crazy about certain anime series? I know a lot of people who bemoan One Piece and Naruto, but often do it for completely different reasons (except filler. There’s always

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How Digimon Almost Stole Me Away from Pokémon, and Why I’m Grateful.

Show of hands; who here remembers when Digimon came bursting onto the screen? No, I mean the first time. Like, the first series. No, it was just called Digimon. Nope, no frontiers, generations or custom battle experiences in the title.

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Slice of Life- Buster

Okay, so, this is a tough one to write. At the moment, (i.e. for the last couple of years), I’ve been living in Dublin Ireland, and last October, my girlfriend (now fiancée) and I moved into a new house in

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How I Learned to Draw (kind of. Well, good enough for me anyway)

Hey hey there Anifans! How’s everybody’s Tuesday going? Unfortunately, I’ve been just a wee bit ill the last couple of days which means I have not got the surely mind-blowing collection of thoughts and opinions here for you, which would

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A Week in Retrospect- 12th March 2016- Just Two Points.

Anime Reporter once again heads to The Reporter’s Desk to share a thought or two on the past week. Actually, not a thought or two. Exactly two thoughts. Two. Thought the First: Holy crap, I need to get myself a

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My Week in Retrospect – 05-03-2016

Anime Reporter takes some time to reflect on the week gone by, talking about the latest season of Venture Bros., reviewing Kung Fu Panda 3 and reacting to the latest Rick and Morty news. Venture Bros. Season 6 We’ll start

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