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Review- Assassination Classroom manga Volume 06, (which is a review of the sixth volume of the manga, Assassination Classroom, done by me on this site.)

Anime Reporter heads back to class for Volume 06 of Assassination Classroom (chapters 44-52). If you aren’t familiar with the previous volumes in this series, you can check out my reviews here to get the general idea. Otherwise be warned,

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Review- One Piece Collection 12- More of the gripping Water 7 arc!

Anime Reporter brings the word on One Piece Collection 12 (episodes 276 – 299). Spoilers abound, so watch your step! Well, as folks are likely to remember from the events of Collection 11, the Water 7 Arc is well under

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Review- Coffin Princess Chaika

Anime Reporter brings you the word on Coffin Princess Chaika- the Complete First Season. This collection is already available in the UK and Ireland from the fine people at Animatsu entertainment so, if you like what you read about in

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Review- Toriko manga Volume 29

Anime Reporter heads back to the long-overlooked area of manga reviews to take a gander at Toriko manga Volume 29, (chapters 254-263). This Volume sees the end of the Human World arc so if the words ‘Gourmet Fest’, ‘IGO’, ‘Gourmet

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One Day Left!- Danganronpa Complete Collection DVD Giveaway!

High school can be tough. Getting good grades and graduating can be painful. At Hope’s Peak Academy, it’s utter murder. You see, at this private school, they aim to prepare students for the very hardest challenges of life and that’s

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Review- Dragon Ball Z KAI- Season 03

Anime Reporter turns his attention to Dragon Ball Kai Season 03 (episodes 53-77). You can (and should, you know, in my humbly humble opinion) check out my review of seasons 01 (here) and 02 (here). Spoilers, naturally, as this is

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Review: Tiger & Bunny- The Rising

Anime Reporter overlooks the Halloween weekend to bring you my coverage on something entirely unspooky. Truth be told, I’ve been looking forward to covering this film ever since I heard it was coming out and I still don’t know why

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Two of my Favourite Anime-ish Things: Samurai Jack and Avatar: The Last Airbender

Anime Reporter delves into the world of almost, but not-really, anime now to talk about Samurai Jack and Avatar: The Last Airbender (or The Legend of Aang, if you prefer). While I’m also pretty fond of Avatar: The Legend of

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Reaction- Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes Demo

Anime Reporter switches gears now to the world of video games once more to talk about my experiences with the demo version of The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes for the Nintendo 3DS. The full version of the game comes

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UK Blu-ray Giveaway Competition- Samurai Jam!

Hey hey folks, it’s Anime Reporter here with another fantastic anime giveaway. This time I’ll be giving five lucky people complete Blu-ray sets of Samurai Jam, courtesy of the fine folks at Manga Entertainment. What’s Samurai Jam you ask? It’s

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