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Avatar- The Last Airbender- Smoke and Shadows Parts 01 and 02. (It’s a comic, absolutely no M. Knight Shyamalan involvement, so don’t worry).

Anime Reporter talks the talk, (but doesn’t walk the walk because it’s cold outside and I have the flu right now) about Parts 1 and 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender- Smoke and Shadow, the official comic book follow-up to

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So I’ll just sit here and review One-Punch Man Volume 04, shall I?

Anime Reporter spares some thoughts on the latest volume of One-Punch Man to be published in English. One-Punch Man has been fairly knocking people’s socks off since its debut and, if you’ve read my reviews of the last three volumes,

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Review- Toriko manga Volume 30

Anime Reporter sets off once more with Toriko and co. for Volume 30 of the manga series (chapters 264-272). The last volume ended with a few loose threads to be resolved, but don’t expect a tremendous amount of satisfaction there.

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Review: Tiger & Bunny- The Rising

Anime Reporter overlooks the Halloween weekend to bring you my coverage on something entirely unspooky. Truth be told, I’ve been looking forward to covering this film ever since I heard it was coming out and I still don’t know why

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UK DVD Giveaway- Nisekoi: False Love Season 1 Part 2

Hey hey out there, all UK anifans! Three lucky otakus are going to get their hands on the upcoming DVD release of Nisekoi: False Love (episodes 11-20), courtesy of the wonderful folks at Manga Entertainment. For those entirely unfamiliar with

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Review- Noragami

Anime Reporter brings you my verdict on Noragami, the 12 episode anime series based on the manga of the same name. Speaking of names, ‘Noragami’ translates to something along the lines of “stray god” which is a pretty good description

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Review- Assassination Classroom manga Volume 05

Anime Reporter returns to the classroom for Assassination Classroom Volume five (That’s chapters 35-43 in case you were wondering). The action continues on without skipping a beat from the events of Volume 04 (reviewed here). If you’re brand new to

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