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Review- Bleach Series 14: the Complete Collection

Anime Reporter takes a moment to bring you the news on Bleach Series 14 (episodes 292-316), released for the first time as a single collection by the fine folks at Manga Entertainment. (Incidentally, if you’d like the chance to WIN

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Review- Assassination Classroom manga Volume 05

Anime Reporter returns to the classroom for Assassination Classroom Volume five (That’s chapters 35-43 in case you were wondering). The action continues on without skipping a beat from the events of Volume 04 (reviewed here). If you’re brand new to

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Review- The Host (2006)

Anime Reporter takes a look at a bit of Korean film now with 2006’s The Host (No, not the Stephanie Meyer film of the same film). This monster film broke all sorts of records in its own country and has

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Review- Bleach Season 16 (The Lost Agent Arc) Part 01

It truly is the beginning of the end as Anime Reporter covers Part One (episodes 343-354) of Bleach Season 16, the final season of the series. (Which you can win a FREE copy of here!) If Season 15 felt like

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Review- Assassination Classroom manga Volume 02

Anime Reporter returns to school for Volume 02 (chapters 08-16) of Assassination Classroom. If you’re not too familiar with this series, you can find my take on Volume 01 right here. It’s still early days for this series so there’s

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Review- Red Vs Blue Season 11

Anime Reporter gives you the scoop on Season 11 of Red Vs Blue, the action-genre parody based on the Halo universe of video games. Now, in the interest of a fair review, I should acknowledge that I’m not totally familiar

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Review- Assassination Classroom manga Volume 01

Anime Reporter starts up another series; Assassination Classroom, the bizarre high school tale brought to the world via the mind of Yusei Matsui. Volume 01 contains the first seven chapters of the series, which is really about six and a

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