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Review- Lazer Team (and I also recall how much I disliked an entirely different movie).

Anime Reporter delves into the world of live-action American movies to review Lazer Team, the sci-fi comedy coming out on DVD courtesy of Rooster Teeth. When it’s mentioned that the team behind this crowd-funded film are most well known for

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Review: Attack on Titan Live Action film

Anime Reporter has reviewed the early manga volumes and anime episodes and now it’s time for the live-action adaptation. Can Attack on Titan’s live-action film live up to its illustrated predecessors, or will it be the start of something bigger?

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Running Commentary- Star Wars Episode 01- the Phantom Menace

Anime Reporter begins a new type of segment today, offering up thoughts and feelings in real time in response to a variety of films. I’ll be starting things off with the Star Wars films, starting, unfortunately, with Episode 01- The

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Review- Ghost in the Shell (2015)

Anime Reporter hits the presses with a new installment of a classic series. The latest Ghost in the Shell anime film is already available on DVD and Blu-ray from the fine folks at Manga Entertainment UK, so I’m going to

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Doctor Who- Where We Are Today and How I Feel About It

Anime Reporter ushers in what will hopefully be a very very happy 2016 with a bit of a chat about Doctor Who. Yep, I’m chatting about the timelord adventurer once more and this time I’ll be focusing mainly on the

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Review- Dragon Ball Z KAI- Season 03

Anime Reporter turns his attention to Dragon Ball Kai Season 03 (episodes 53-77). You can (and should, you know, in my humbly humble opinion) check out my review of seasons 01 (here) and 02 (here). Spoilers, naturally, as this is

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Review- Mardock Scramble- the Complete Collection

Anime Reporter brings you the word on Mardock Scramble, the Complete Collection. Some readers may recall that a review of the third Mardock Scramble film was published on Anime Reporter here. This time I’m looking at all three films as

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