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Review- Lazer Team (and I also recall how much I disliked an entirely different movie).

Anime Reporter delves into the world of live-action American movies to review Lazer Team, the sci-fi comedy coming out on DVD courtesy of Rooster Teeth. When it’s mentioned that the team behind this crowd-funded film are most well known for

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Review: Attack on Titan Live Action film

Anime Reporter has reviewed the early manga volumes and anime episodes and now it’s time for the live-action adaptation. Can Attack on Titan’s live-action film live up to its illustrated predecessors, or will it be the start of something bigger?

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Running Commentary- Star Wars Episode 01- the Phantom Menace

Anime Reporter begins a new type of segment today, offering up thoughts and feelings in real time in response to a variety of films. I’ll be starting things off with the Star Wars films, starting, unfortunately, with Episode 01- The

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Review- Ghost in the Shell (2015)

Anime Reporter hits the presses with a new installment of a classic series. The latest Ghost in the Shell anime film is already available on DVD and Blu-ray from the fine folks at Manga Entertainment UK, so I’m going to

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Doctor Who- Where We Are Today and How I Feel About It

Anime Reporter ushers in what will hopefully be a very very happy 2016 with a bit of a chat about Doctor Who. Yep, I’m chatting about the timelord adventurer once more and this time I’ll be focusing mainly on the

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Review- Dragon Ball Z KAI- Season 03

Anime Reporter turns his attention to Dragon Ball Kai Season 03 (episodes 53-77). You can (and should, you know, in my humbly humble opinion) check out my review of seasons 01 (here) and 02 (here). Spoilers, naturally, as this is

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Review- Mardock Scramble- the Complete Collection

Anime Reporter brings you the word on Mardock Scramble, the Complete Collection. Some readers may recall that a review of the third Mardock Scramble film was published on Anime Reporter here. This time I’m looking at all three films as

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Review- Guardians of the Galaxy animated series- Episode 01- the Road to Knowhere

Anime Reporter checks out the very first episode of the brand new animated series Guardians of the Galaxy, based on, you guessed it the Marvel film of the same name which is in turn based slightly more loosely on the

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Review- Knights of Sidonia

Anime Reporter takes to the stars now to bring you the word on Knights of Sidonia, the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name. Set in the 34th century, Knights of Sidonia is centred around the remaining humans

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Review- A Certain Magical Index- season 01

Anime Reporter studies up to bring you my findings on A Certain Magical Index season 01. This season is made up of 24 episodes and is coming to the UK and Ireland courtesy of Animatsu Entertainment on Monday 7th September

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