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Review- Toriko manga Volume 32- with great big flippin’ horses in it!

Anime Reporter is back to tell you about a little thing I like to call Toriko Volume 32. Many other people also like to all it that, because that’s its name, but really, I like calling it that more than

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So I’ll just sit here and review One-Punch Man Volume 04, shall I?

Anime Reporter spares some thoughts on the latest volume of One-Punch Man to be published in English. One-Punch Man has been fairly knocking people’s socks off since its debut and, if you’ve read my reviews of the last three volumes,

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Review- Beyond the Boundary- Ghost and ghouls and…glasses?

Anime Reporter brings you the word on Beyond the Boundary, the Complete Collection, currently available on DVD and Bluray in the UK and Ireland, courtesy of the fine folks at Manga Entertainment. Akihito Kanbara is just your ordinary high school

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Review- Naruto the Last Movie, a film about love and stopping the end of the world.

Anime Reporter… Anime Reporter… Okay, so… basically… (I can do this)… Anime Reporter pulls himself together to bring you the word on The Last Naruto Movie, which is exactly what it sounds like. While a lot of films of anime

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Review- Assassination Classroom manga Volume 06, (which is a review of the sixth volume of the manga, Assassination Classroom, done by me on this site.)

Anime Reporter heads back to class for Volume 06 of Assassination Classroom (chapters 44-52). If you aren’t familiar with the previous volumes in this series, you can check out my reviews here to get the general idea. Otherwise be warned,

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Review- One Piece Collection 12- More of the gripping Water 7 arc!

Anime Reporter brings the word on One Piece Collection 12 (episodes 276 – 299). Spoilers abound, so watch your step! Well, as folks are likely to remember from the events of Collection 11, the Water 7 Arc is well under

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Review- Toriko manga Volume 30

Anime Reporter sets off once more with Toriko and co. for Volume 30 of the manga series (chapters 264-272). The last volume ended with a few loose threads to be resolved, but don’t expect a tremendous amount of satisfaction there.

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